Gloucester Dental
Philip J Render, DMD
Board Certified Prosthodontist

Service Excellence

In the small town setting of Hayes, Virginia is a first class operation in complex dentistry.  Our practice emphasizes the restoration and replacement of damaged or missing teeth at the highest quality level while maintaining small town pricing.  Located only three miles north of the well-known Yorktown Battlefields we are convenient for all Southeastern Virginia.

This practice emphasizes crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, partials and dentures in addition to our routine exams, cleanings and simple restorations (fillings).  The results are virtually undetectible from natural teeth, to which many of our patients would add “only better”.  The work is efficient but never rushed.  “Preparation Breeds Perfection" is our motto, which explains why upon insertion patients are regularly delighted.



All our lab work is conducted in the United States using only the finest American Dental Association approved materials.  Cheap, inferior metals can cause allergies and gum reactions.   Our porcelain bridgework, for example, has an understructure of white gold-certified "high noble". If a patient requires a metal crown in an obscure, invisible corner of the mouth, that metal in our practice is also gold-certified "high noble”, not bumper metal. Dr. Render has selected a team of small artisan lab technicians, each mastering a specific skill. He has chosen these independent small owner owned operations so he has accountability and consistency of quality. He knows these individuals will deliver with the accuracy of a skilled craftsman and the eye of an artist. In addition, should the need arise for additional color matching, Dr. Render uses his in-house custom staining and glazing oven or he performs other critical steps to assure that you, the patient, are delivered a service second to none.


Why does Dr. Render go through all this trouble? There are two reasons. He has the knowledge and the skill to achieve and deliver a piece of artistry that will last and serve you well. Like any artisan, there is pride in achieving high levels of performance. The second is you. It is your mouth and you deserve to receive treatment that is this good. "But I can’t afford such a luxury", you might think; or "This must be much more expensive". Our patients have told us otherwise. We are moderately priced and have been told that our service is a great bargain for the amount of effort put forth for what is received. Most of our patients are longstanding, satisfied, repeat customers who bring us their friends and family members along with cakes and treats and well wishes.

Make an appointment today…..we’ll give you a reason to smile!