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Philip J Render, DMD
Board Certified Prosthodontist

Payments and Insurance

Payment Options

Payments are expected at time of service. However, for lengthy and /or extensive services we can prorate the services over the course of treatment or patients can opt for a no interest plan sponsored by care credit for a 6 -12 month period.  Credit and debit cards, cash and checks are accepted.  


We are currently providers for Delta Dental Premier, Cigna and GeHa  and are happy to file not only Delta, but all insurance company claim submissions for all of our patients’ convenience. We accept assignment on all indemnity plans (these plans allow you to choose your dentist).    You provide us your information prior to your first appointment and we will obtain your status and plan, We will review your eligibility with you so you are aware of your benefits and expected co-payments.  We work with you and your insurance company, should you have one, as a partner so there are no surprises and will collect co-payments from you at time of service and bill your insurance for what they will cover.

If you do not have insurance but are seeking to buy insurance, remember that the best plans for the patient is a plan that offers choice not restriction. We have had to drop several plans to stop losing money.  We could not deliver what we know is needed to achieve a great result with the reimbursements of inferior plan coverage.  Insurance seems to be a great way to encourage patients to keep up with routine cleanings. However, many inferior plans discourage appropriate treatment by low reimbursements. Dental providers have to choose to compensate by rushing, delivering less than best care, cheaper materials or a mixture of the mentioned. Many of our patients do not have insurance and are not involved with adding a third party layer to their costs.  They find our fees moderate without unnecessary treatments costs and they know we stand behind our work and services.  In fact, most feel our fees are quite a value for what is delivered, once they have received our care.